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Meh, I am starting to feel really done with school, especially since I've had everyone asking me how it feels to be "done". The problem is I have two finals, a poster, a paper, and a presentation before I'm done. I think I just need to get out of SB, which we are doing this weekend, want to go now! On the plus side, this coming weekend I get to hang out with 2 really good friends I never get to see, and David actually gets to meet/hang out with them too.
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I got locked out while in our study room. Our maintenance manager took his handy dandy lockpicking kit (for some reason there was no extra key) and broke into my room for me. YAY. Now the lock doesn't work and he's fixing that. Yay for maintenance managers?
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The highlights of today were rockclimbing with David (I finished every climb I attempted), laying in the sun and watching a beautiful sunset. Those three things make it an okay day, because everything else was disappointing and full of things that made me feel stupid.
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I hate ArcGIS (a program that does mapping and other stuff) and how COMPLETELY unforgiving the program is and why I have to redo my work at least two or three times because its stupid and I'm computer illiterate and can't remember if I save something to my thumbdrive or to the desktop which gets cleaned, and exactly how to save the data file you created as well as the actual file.....bleggh.

This is the second experience I have had today where I feel as if I completely wasted an hour of my time running around because I misinterpreted a conversation.

On the plus side I bought Son of Wicked as a treat to myself for feeling sick yesterday and just read in the sun most of the day  yesterday (yes I attended class and work too). 
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Party at UCSB/Estrella

I finished my paper in enough time to go to a really fun concert with a rabbi at Hillel, turned out to be lots of fun with dancing and singing. Then me and David left to go load other people's stuff in the van for Estrella the next day, then headed to the after party across the street. This was probably not the best idea because neither of us had had any time to pack for Estrella yet, and I was intending to attend class the next morning. It was a really fun party though, it turned into really good storytime with captivated audiences of 20 something year old UCSB students, pretty impressive. Then we headed home and I packed with my roommate asleep, and apparently did not wake her up.

Then we were off to Estrella. Thankfully, nothing major happened on the way there. I drove my usual drive on the 10 through the desert middle of nowhere (the only time I drive) and David drove the rest. Even stopping at Denny's for food at Blythe we managed to get in to camp a little after 11. As we unfolded the tent though it started raining. Thank you to Jean and Edward and all of the other wonderful people who helped us set up the humongous tent very quickly in the rain. Thankfully, a few minutes after we pulled the rain fly over everything it really started to rain.

more about later
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the Focus of my life the last few weeks

This is for everyone at UCSB/Santa Barbara area. I apologize to those who this does not apply to, but I don't have a separate list for those.

FOCUS THE NATION...A day about global climate change......January 31st
8:30am-5pm UCen Corwin Pavilion, UCSB: a collaborative teach-in engaging
over 1300 colleges and universities across the nation

Focus the Nation is a collaborative teach-in engaging over 1300 colleges
and universities across the nation on the issue of global climate change.

Learn about how big businesses are working towards going green from Janelle
Kearsley, the Director of Corporate Strategy/Sustainability for Wal-Mart
Stores, Inc.

Hear how Climate Change is affecting communities of color and low income
communities and how activists from these communities are leading the fight
for Environmental Justice.

Ask our elected officials what they are doing about climate change and
learn about UCSB's leadership in addressing environmental sustainability.

All speeches and workshops throughout the day are scheduled around a
typical UCSB class schedule, making it easier to pop in and out between

Can't make the big day? Check out these events:

*** Tuesday January 29th two showings of the film, "the 11th hour", 7:30pm
and 10pm, Isla Vista Theater, 960 Embarcadero del Norte

*** Thursday January 31st, 8:30-5 PM Corwin Pavilion, UCSB
A day of panels and workshops featuring WalMart, panels on climate justice
and using workforce housing to reduce CO2 related to daily commuting and
workshops on laboratory sustainability, student activism, how to green your
life and local impacts of climate change.

*** Thursday January 31st, 6:30-9pm Goleta Valley Community Center
Free green business mixer followed by community leaders speaking about the
environmental achievements and goals of the city of Santa Barbara, UCSB,
and SBCC. Abe Powell, local green entrepreneur will be speaking about his
work to green Powell skateboards and his work in biodiesel.

*** Friday February 1st, 2-6 PM UCSB Student Resource Building
Free environmental film showings:  The Story of Stuff * Who Killed the
Electric Car * Everything's Cool * Hot Politics
Sponsored by Associated Students Environmental Affairs Board

*** Saturday, February 2nd, Meet at 1pm, Goleta Beach Park
A day of action for student organizations concluded by a massive lightbulb
exchange in Isla Vista, over 1500 lightbulbs will be exchanged for more
energy efficient models in one day.

Questions contact:
Katie Maynard
Sustainability Coordinator, UCSB
UC, CSU, CCC Sustainability Conference Organizer
Fax 805-893-3146
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After both of my potential rides down to Santa Barbara for this Friday/Sunday rescheduled, I found myself facing Amtrak. Suddenly, I got a random phone call asking if I wanted to leave for SB tomorrow...morning! So I'm still trying to decide if this is a good or bad thing because after spending the night and day with David I was definitely NOT packed, and minus a room key.

In good news, I am slightly more packed now, but am facing the problem that my room key probably ended up on caltrain last night...which means I have no key to my room. AND my roommate I think left WITH her Thailand...hmmmm. So I leave for a 6 day retreat at Lake Hughes Sunday, and will see *most* people the first week school gets back. SIGH. I wouldn't be so crazy, but I don't think I can get into my room now until AFTER the retreat...which means I don't have most of the clothes I need/want. 

Well, back to packing. In the good news...if I leave something I will only have to do without for a week because David is coming by to pick up the stuff I am definitely not fitting in the person's car/carting around SB and parts unknown.
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A few days ago I couldn't wait to go home...and now that I've been home I can't wait to leave. Do I really want to subject myself to three months of this over the summer? The good friend likes the coathardie pattern which is going to become my new bridesmaid dress, probably with zipper added. YAY! No more fights with brother about THAT (don't ask). My brother goes from being helpful, go completely out of his way, to the most conceited arrogant self-righteous ass in the matter of hours. For wedding, I spent some of today going up to visit the site, which I had no remembrance of. I was excited before, and now that I can see my friend is planning to have her wedding ceremony on a platform surrounded by a redwood tree grove I love it...and the whole druidic wiccan element of it because thats part of what she loves about it. Not that she loves wicca that much...more that her mother-in-law will hate it with a fiery Mormon raised passion.

Speaking of wedding...I want a poll of this, because I'm not sure what IS traditional, and I'm not sure what to do. I am the maid-of-honor, and dutifully accept all the planning and cleanup stuff. HOWEVER, my friend claims she was told it was traditional that the maid-of-honor dance with the best man, is it? It would be with the other bridesmaids and grooms, the only problem is this is a guy I dated in high school. hmmmm.
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I lit candles tonight with my menorah that David just bought me for a present! (I was silly and didn't bring down one of the four we have at home). It was cool, because one of the people  where I live was really excited that I was lighting candles, so we lit them together in the living room. I miss Chanukkah at home with latkes and people, its not the same during dead week (week of everything is DUE!!). 
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I realize everyone's a little on edge from dead week  but...

today someone upstairs thought a pipe was on fire...the most level headed guy ran around trying to turn off the gas....then the first guy realized it was a pilot light. SIGH!! At least I'm done with my lab, YAY!!!